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DJI Agras T16 Agriculture Drone (Battery not included)


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  • 16 liter spray tank
  • IP67 rated moisture ingress protection for the core module
  • RTK centimeter level positioning
  • Imaging radar using Digital Beam Forming (DBF) technology
  • Wide angle FPV camera
  • Includes spray tank and spray nozzles
  • Does not include battery or charger
  • Can operate in all countries except in China, Japan, and South Korea.

The Agras T16 has an improved overall structure with modular design, and supports the highest payload and widest spray width ever in a DJI agricultural drone. With powerful hardware, an AI engine, and 3D-operation planning, the T16 brings operation efficiency to a whole new level.

Note: The video below is for demonstration purposes only and may not represent actual product.

All New Modular Design

The revolutionized structural design of the T16 provides reliable operation while simplifying assembly and accelerating maintenance activities. An IP67 rating provides dependable protection for key components of the drone. A light, yet durable airframe is made of carbon fiber composites and can be quickly folded to 25% of its original size, making it easily transportable. Both the battery and spray tank can be quickly swapped, significantly improving the efficiency of your work.

High Payload Capable

Due to its outstanding flight performance, the T16 can carry a 16 liters spray tank, and provide a spray width of 6.5 m. The spraying system has 4 delivery pumps and 8 sprinklers with a maximum spray rate of 4.8 L/min. This translates into 24.7 acres (10 hectares) per hour (Note: Environmental conditions may give you different results). The spraying system is regulated by an all-new electromagnetic flow meter, providing higher precision and stability than conventional flow meters.

Increased Safety and Reliability

The T16's modular aerial-electronics system provides dual IMUs and barometers and adopts a propulsion signal redundancy design to ensure flight safety. The GNSS+RTK dual-redundancy system supports centimeter-level positioning. It also supports dual-antenna technology that provides strong resistance against magnetic interference.

High Performance Radar

The Agras T16 is equipped with upgraded radar system that senses the operating environment during the day and at night without being affected by light or dust. It has forward and backward obstacle avoidance systems, and a horizontal FOV (field of view) of 100°, greatly improving flight safety. The radar system's improved terrain following capability detects the slope of even mountainous terrains and automatically makes adjustments. This innovative radar system adopts Digital Beam Forming (DBF) technology, which supports 3D point cloud imaging that effectively senses the environment and helps to circumnavigate obstacles.

Flight Safety with Extended Range and Vision System

The T16 supports OcuSync 2.0 HD transmission technology which extends its control range up to 3 km (Tested with a transmission distance of 3 km (CE/SRRC) or 5 km (FCC) and a flight altitude of 2.5 m). It also has a wide-angle FPV camera and spotlights that can monitor aircraft operation during the day and at night to ensure flight safety.

Three Operational Modes

The Agras T16 provides three modes of flight which accommodates flat grounds, mountains, and orchards. Up to five T16 drones can be simultaneously controlled by a single T16 remote controller, doubling the efficiency of one pilot's work.

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Requires T16 Battery and T16 Battery Charger.

Technical specifications on the DJI Agras MG-1 can be found in DJI Agras T16 Specifications.

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