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The Drone Pro Shop is an online-only store operating from Orinda, California. We are an authorized retailer who source directly from manufacturers or from their authorized distributors, so all domestic purchases made from us have the full manufacturers' warranty.

The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology is an exciting field and holds so much potential to help us do our jobs better, and provide new forms of aerial entertainment. I find this technology that enables anyone to get a personal bird's eye view on our world an incredible accomplishment. Besides allowing us to enjoy our world better, the UAV technology is helping us to do our jobs more efficiently and cost-effectively in areas such as cinematography, inspection, search and rescue, surveying, mapping, and agriculture. In addition, the introduction of drone racing has made aerial competition more accessible to participants world-wide. I am in the business to promote these and other endeavors that require the use of UAVs.

Our goal is to get you up in the air with the best equipment for the job, and to minimize your down-time. We have conducted research with quality, reliability, and cost in mind to offer you the most cost-effective drones, parts, and accessories. When shopping with us, you can choose to purchase individual products or put together a customized package that meets your specific requirements and enjoy discounted pricing. Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding your purchase. We offer the products we sell because we believe in the products and would buy them ourselves.

We operate Monday through Friday, except holidays, 8am to 6pm PST. Our mailing address is:

29 Orinda Way, #321
Orinda, CA 94563

** Please do not return merchandises to the above mailing address. The shipping address for returns will be provided with the Return Materials Authorization number.

We prefer using emails for communication and support, and typically respond within 24 hours during business hours. If you have an urgent question, however, please text or call us at (925) 238-6400.

International customers: Please use WhatsApp to text or call us at +1 925 238 6400.

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