Free shipping on domestic orders over $500 !

International Orders

For international orders, acceptable forms of payment are PayPal Send Money, ACH direct deposit, or wire transfer in USD currency. Using these forms of payment may qualify you for our on-going promotion.

Note: For PayPal Send Money, PayPal fees will be added to the total purchase price.

Please do the following to place an international order:

  1. Add your item(s) to the cart.
  2. When ready to checkout, select the "Get Custom Package Quote".
  3. In the Request Quote page, please provide shipping address in the "Remarks" area, and we will provide you with a quote by email within 2 business days.

After you have received our quote by email:

  1. You will need to approve the quote by replying to the email and indicate your payment method.
  2. We will email payment instructions to you within 24 hours.
  3. Your order will be processed for shipping after we receive your payment.

Thank you for shopping with us!