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Yuneec H520 (Camera not Included)


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  • Designed for professional for commercial and government applications.
  • Six rotors for safety and redundancy as well as stability and precision in high wind conditions.
  • Intelligent sonar collision avoidance for safe and stress-free flying.
  • Retractable landing gear for unobstructed 360° camera view.
  • Energy efficient and quiet with a flight time up to 28 minutes.
  • ST16S Ground Station (remote controller) with an integrated 7-inch (17.8 cm) touch display.
  • Ready for waypoint and survey missions, including cross-wise flights and 2D/3D mapping.
  • SDK available
  • Hot-swap capable camera/gimbal systems
Note: The video below is for demonstration purposes only and may not represent actual product.

Commercial UAV Platform
The Yuneec H520 is a six-rotor UAV that incorporates enterprise-grade cameras and mission planning software for high-end commercial use. The UAV is the perfect solution for applications that require long flight times and a proven robust technology in a single package. The H520 is built for inspection, law enforcement, security, search and rescue, construction, surveying, mapping, and cinematography.

Built for Professional Applications
The H520 is designed to provide reliable, stable, and precise flights even in windy conditions. Exclusive flight speed control offers slowest speed above stall flight for maximum precision in challenging environments. Hot-swap capable cameras with long focal-length lenses that allow the UAV to fly at greater distance from the target is available. Data storage can be shared instantly from the ST16S Ground Station, or delivered directly in 4K/2K/HD video or in 20Mp still images.

Hot-Swap Capable Payload Options (Not Included)
Yuneec camera payloads are interchangeable and hot-swap capable, offering time-saving convenience for the commercial operator by not requiring a power-down restart of the UAV. This also allows consistency of data-storage, rather than using multiple storage devices and locations. Whether it’s thermal imaging, long focal length, or wide focal length data capture, memory cards may be swapped from device to device.

  • E90 Camera
    • 23 mm wide angle lens with low distortion
    • 4K video resolution at 60 FPS
    • 20 MP still image using 1" (25.4 mm) sensor and the latest H2 high speed image processing chip
    • 3-axis stabilized gimbal with 360° +/- 0.02° unlimited rotation.
    • included lens adapter ring threaded to fit 40.5 mm standard ND filters
    • Ideal for cinematography, 3D mapping/modelling and search & rescue
    • CGOET Camera
      • Dual camera for thermal and a low-light imaging
      • The low-light camera has 20x higher light sensitivity than the human eye
      • Capture 160x120 9Hz infrared and 1920x1080 30 FPS video images with identical positioning using one flight plan
      • Overlay IR and RGB for a clean and precise image
      • Adjustable temperature detection
      • Various color spectra allow an accurate visualization of heat sources
      • Ideal for solar panel inspection, law enforcement, fire fighting, search & rescue, and construction
    • E50 Camera
      • 40 mm equivalent lens for capturing important visual details while maintaining a safe distance from the target
      • 4K resolution at 30 FPS
      • 12 MP still image using high aperture 1/2.3“ CMOS imager
      • 3-axis stabilized gimbal with 360° +/- 0.03° unlimited rotation.
      • Ideal for cell tower, wind turbine, and other vertical asset inspections

      ST16S All-In-One Ground Station
      The ST16S Ground Station is an all-inclusive transmitter and video receiver that gives you full control over the H520 during flight, and allows the user to capture photos and video with ease. With a large 7 inch (17.8 cm) HD 720p integrated touch screen and the built-in digital video downlink, the Android-based ST16S controller displays real-time footage of your flight up to a range of 1 mile (1.6 km). The ST16S includes a convenient HDMI interface to output to a larger monitor or share your data. In addition, you can plan your flight using the touch screen on the ST16S and execute your mission with just a single press of a button.

      DataPilot™ Software
      Yuneec DataPilot™ software system enables users to efficiently create orthomaps, 3D scans, and crop data imagery in the field or on the desktop without requiring expensive third party software.

      • Pre-plan Your Missions
        Missions/flights can be planned off-site using a Mac or a PC and stored in a cloud or local drive for later use. The plan can be transported to the control system via email, USB flash drive, or micro-SD card.
      • Automated Flight Control
        DataPilot™ generates survey paths automatically with user-defined frontlap, sidelap, and cross-hatching for precision 3D or large format image output. Users may specify survey resolution by altitude or inch-per-pixel, providing a platform that is capable of automated flights even in low or high-altitude scenarios. DataPilot™ also allows storage of maps from many map providers for later access in areas with no connectivity. In addition, the software provides tools for precise waypoint placement in areas where no maps are available.

      Harness the Power of Yuneec SDK
      Yuneec offers power users and software developers a Software Development Kit that enables developers to tap into the power of the Yuneec hardware and software tools. These development tools allow the creation of custom applications in collaboration with the H520 UAV package.


      • 1 - Yuneec H520
      • 1 - ST16S Ground Station (Remote Controller)
      • 2 - H520 5250 mAh Batteries
      • 1 - SC4000-4H Charger
      • 1 - Power Supply and Adapter
      • 10 - H520 Propellers (5 A, 5 B)
      • 1 - Remote Controller Plastic Sunshade
      • 1 - Accessories Box

      Additional technical information for the Yuneec H520 can be found in Yuneec H520 Specification.


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