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Parrot Sequoia (Multispectral Sensor)


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  • Use for NDVI applications
  • 1.2 MP Near Infrared (NIR) image resolution
  • 16 MP RGB image resolution
  • Includes GPS and IMU

    The Parrot Sequoia captures calibrated wavelengths of Green, Red, Red-Edge, and Near Infrared at 1.2 MP alongside full RGB imagery at 16 MP. It includes GPS and IMU for easy fully automatic work flow.

    By providing information on crop health, the Parrot Sequoia enables growers to take action that maximizes crop yield. Optimizing the use of fertilizer by varying the quantities according to need, reducing the use of pesticide to only the plots which require it, and analyzing plant behavior after irrigation are all benefits obtained by using the Parrot Sequoia sensor.

    Additional Features:

    • Four cameras for capturing images of four bands: green, red, red edge and near infrared
    • RGB camera for recording 14MP images of crops
    • GPS and IMU for precise positioning and location of images
    • Sunshine sensor for automatic adjustment of readings to ambient light
    • 64GB built-in memory for recording data
    • Slot for optional SD card to add memory and ease data transfer
    • Accessibility to data by WiFi or USB port
    • Geotagging of data and images
    • Compatibility with multiple analysis services
    • Adaptability for mounting to a wide range of multi-rotor or fixed wing drones

    In The Box:

    • Multispectral sensor
    • Sunshine sensor
    • Micro USBa-Micro USBb cable
    • Micro USB-USB cable
    • Protection lens
    • Microfiber cloth
    • 3 sunshine sensor mounts
    • 32GB SD card
    • User guide
    • Quickstart guide

    Category: Camera (NIR),

    Type: Navigation

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