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Parrot Disco-Pro Ag


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  • The all-in-one drone solution for precision agriculture

Parrot Disco-Pro AG is the all-in-one multipurpose drone solution for growers to help them improve the ROI of their crops. Thanks to visual crop scouting and specialized NDVI maps, this end-to-end solution allows managers of small to medium size farms and agriculture cooperatives to quickly get an insight on the health of their crops. The aerial information obtained by the Parrot Disco-Pro Ag is used by growers to take proactive steps by applying precise and cost-effective remedies to crop issues. The Parrot Disco-Pro for agriculture is engineered to be extremely portable and easy to use, allowing growers to quickly deploy this solution with minimal learning curve.

Note: The video below is for demonstration purposes only and may not represent actual product.

Capture Crop Data with Parrot Sequoia

The Parrot Disco-pro Ag is equipped with Parrot Sequoia, a cutting-edge multispectral sensor for precision agriculture. With its two sensors, multi-spectral and sunshine, Parrot Sequoia analyzes plants' vitality by capturing the amount of light they absorb and reflect. When facing downwards, the high precision multispectral sensor captures RGB photos and the light plants reflect in four separate bands: green and red lights and two infrared bands invisible to the human eye. When placed on the drone facing up, the sunshine sensor records the intensity of light emanating from the sun, so you can perform radiometric calibration to ensure consistent data measurement.

In The Box

  • 1 Parrot Disco-Pro AG
  • 1 Parrot Sequoia
  • 3 Batteries
  • 1 Parrot Skycontroller 2
  • 1 Backpack
  • 2 Chargers with 3 country adapters
  • 1 USB to micro-USB cable
  • 1 Quick Start Guide
  • 1 Parrot Sequoia user guide
  • 1 Year subscription to AIRINOV First + agricultural cloud mapping platform

Technical specifications for the all-in-one precision agriculture solution can be found in Parrot Disco-Pro Ag Specifications.

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