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Drone Aviation FUSE Tether System for DJI M200 Series


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  • Unlimited flight time
  • Fly up to 200 ft. range
  • Improved stability in strong winds
  • Automatic tether tension management system
  • Military adapted technology
  • Operates from a 110v generator or DAC automobile adapter

    Note: The video below is for demonstration purposes only and may not represent actual product.

    FUSE Tether System can keep a Matrice 200 series drone flying for hours without the need to swap batteries. It is more than a simple power cable connected to a power source on the ground. For added safety, the system continuously monitors the power distribution and provides a safe landing in the event of a ground power loss by using the UAV's on-board battery backup.

    You control the drone without the tether getting in the way of your flight path. The FUSE Tether System automatically manages the tether tension using a smart winch for maximum flight range up to 200 ft. The smart tension system ensures a clear flight path while offering better control in stronger winds .

    Extended flight time is highly beneficial to inspectors of large buildings and bridges; for engineers gathering data for maps or surveying a property; and for emergency personnel using a drone to serve as a temporary cell tower or radio relay, or to help secure a perimeter.

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