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DJI Agras MG-1S D-RTK Base Station

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  • Provides centimeter-level positioning accuracy.
  • More accurate than compass sensor and withstands magnetic interference when used with MG-1S RTK agriculture drone.

The DJI D-RTK Base Station is a system specifically designed to provide centimeter-level positioning accuracy for the Agras MG-1S RTK UAV. Equipped with the built-in D-RTK ground system and Datalink Pro ground system and tripod, it is easy and efficient to install and use. Depending on the region of purchase, the D-RTK Base Station uses either GPS and BeiDou or GPS and GLONASS to perform at the highest standards. It can be utilized with both the Agras MG-1S RTK and D-RTK Handheld Mapper. When using with the Agras MG-1S RTK, the aircraft's heading reference from the dual antenna of the onboard D-RTK is more accurate than a standard compass sensor and can withstand magnetic interference from metal structures. When using with the D-RTK Handheld Mapper, more accurate field planning can be achieved.

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