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DJI Agras MG-1/MG-1S Intelligent Battery Charging Hub


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  • Used to charge DJI Agras MG-1 and MG-1S Batteries
  • Can connect up to 6 MG-1/MG-1S batteries
  • Requires MG-1/MG-1S battery charger found here.

The MG Smart Charging Hub must be used with the MG-1/MG-1S Intelligent Battery Charger. A single charging hub can charge and discharge 6 MG batteries in sequence. When the Intelligent Battery Charger connects to two charging hubs, up to 12 Agras batteries can be charged and discharged. The max output power of the charging hub is 1200W and three different working modes are available for users to choose: fast charge, trickle charge, and storage. Additionally, the charging hub also has the following functions: over current protection, over charging protection, over temperature protection, disconnection protection, quick voltage balancing, and status display.

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