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Aeromao Aeromapper Talon + Pix4Dmapper Pro

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Introducing Pix4Dmapper Aeromao Edition
  • Measure volumes of geological features
  • Generate NDVI data for precision agriculture
  • Manage the environmental changes of natural resources
  • Produce maps and models of construction sites
  • Produce maps and models of cultural heritage or archaeology sites

The Pix4Dmapper Aeromao Unlimited Professional Edition is specifically tailored for the images produced by the Aeromapper family of UAVs. This is a dedicated version that has no time limit, and the licence can be used on two separate computers.

Pix4Dmapper automatically processes terrestrial and aerial imagery, and converts them into highly precise and customizable results for a wide range of GIS and CAD applications. If you need precise geo-referenced mosaics and 3D models produced in a timely manner, then Pix4Dmapper is your complete mapping and modeling solution. See all the features of the Pix4Dmapper Pro here.

Introducing Aeromao Aeromapper EV2
  • 2 hours flight time
  • Parachute landing capable
  • 1.5cm/pixel resolution capable
  • Dual camera setup capable
  • GNSS PPK solution compatible for more accuracy
  • Range: +20 km (+12.4 miles) data link, and +50 km (+31 miles) transmitter link
  • Compatible with RGB, NDVI, and IR cameras
  • Automatic terrain following capability
  • Pixhawk autopilot flight controller
  • Includes Mission Planner ground control software
  • Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery

Note: The video below is for demonstration purposes only and may not represent actual product.

    The Aeromapper Talon UAV offers the easiest way to acquire a professional georeferenced digital elevation model (DEM) and orthomosaics. The drone features a very strong EPO foam body with internal carbon fiber reinforcements, Sony 24 megapixel camera with 20mm survey grade lens (the best optics for UAV mapping), and fully autonomous flight. The drone can deliver up to 1.5cm/pixel resolution thanks to its low speed capability and incredible stability.

    The Aeromapper Talon is ideal for confined areas or difficult terrains. It can easily be hand-launched and uses a parachute landing system. The drone’s amazing climb angle of more than 45 degrees, its unique ability to safely deploy the parachute at very low altitudes, and its automatic terrain following capability makes the Aeromapper Talon the top choice for those difficult missions.

    Detailed user manual is provided with step by step instructions for users with no experience. Training is not necessary, but optionally available. The camera is installed in panoramic orientation for most optimal area coverage with maximum side overlap.


    GSD  (ground resolution)

    Altitude (above ground level)

    Area coverage per flight

    1.6 cm/pixel

    85 m (279 ft)

    3 km2 (741 acres)

    2.4 cm/pixel

    125 m (410 ft)

    4.5 km2 (1112 acres)

    4.8 cm/pixel

    250 m (820 ft)

    9 km2 (2224 acres)

    7.8 cm/pixel

    400 m (1312 ft)

    13.9 km2 (3435 acres)

    11.7 cm/pixel

    600 m (1968 ft)

    21 km2 (5189 acres)


    1. Area coverage per 60 minutes flight, including takeoff and recovery flight time. Larger areas can be covered in multiple flights.
    2. Calculated with 30% side overlap
    3. Calculated using the standard 24 MP camera & 20mm lens provided
    4. For 3D terrain models side overlap must be a minimum of 60%, reducing estimated area coverage per flight

    Mission Planner

    The RTF system comes with Mission Planner software to create complete surveys in seconds. The Mission Planner is also used as Ground Control with complete flight telemetry data and in-flight command execution. Automatically returns to home upon loss of transmitter link. Additional fail-safe routines are available. Every unit is flight tested and tuned to perfection before delivery.

    System Includes:

    • Aeromapper Talon UAV ready to fly and flight tested
    • Parachute system installed and ready to use
    • Sony a5100 24 MP camera with 20mm lens
    • Ground Telemetry module (433 MHz, 868 MHz or 915 MHz, +20 km range). Customer can choose the frequency.
    • Handheld transmitter (433 MHz remote controller, +50km range)
    • Flight batteries for 2 hours of flight. Additional batteries can be purchased separately
    • Lipo battery charger & Lipo monitor
    • Carrying case with custom cut foam
    • Mission Planner with instructions to create survey missions and use as Ground Control Station
    • Complete user manual with detailed step by step instructions

    Additional Requirements: Portable computer with Windows OS for Mission Planner.

    Custom camera installations available based on camera model. Please email us with the device information and we'll evaluate the feasibility of the installation.

    Known compatible cameras: FLIR Vue Pro, Sony a6000, Sony a5100 (NDVI), Parrot Sequoia, MicaSense RedEdge (Some camera combinations are not possible for dual camera setup)

    Technical specifications on the Aeromapper Talon can be found in Aermao Aeromapper Talon Specifications.

    Find answers to questions you might have in Aeromao Aeromapper F.A.Q.

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