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Essential Tips for Drone Service Providers

February 02, 2017

Written by Eugene Kim, The Drone Pro Shop

February 2, 2017

For those who aspire to run a successful drone service business, you probably realize that it's not an easy task. Unless you are fortunate to have a lot of employees who do the field work for you, you'll need technical skills to operate this business. This means you will do the flying as well as maintaining your drones and support equipment. In addition, you'll need to know how to market your business, meet with potential clients, provide pricing, travel to work sites, prepare reports or other deliverables for your customers, keep up with regulations, and manage business risks.

Given this monumental task of operating a drone service business, the last thing you need are problems that arise from lack of preparation or knowledge. To this end, I thought it would be helpful to share a resource from Skyward. This is a companion guide to a webinar titled "60 Pro Tips". The guide provides link to the webinar as well as links to other helpful resources that may benefit your business.

Download the 65 Pro Tips Webinar Companion.


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